About Marlborough Search and Rescue

Marlborough Search and Rescue is made up of volunteers. These dedicated individuals step up into the role of unpaid profession to provide search and rescue services not only in Marlborough, but in the Tasman Region. This region stretches from the top of the south, down to Canterbury on the east coast, and past Haast on the Westcoast. The area is 70,000+ square kilometers. We work in conjunction with the other LandSAR groups in the region to provide a co-ordinated response to operations.

Operations are not limited to mountain rescues of hunters, but often happen in urban environments or in support of other agencies to every day people. Most often we search for the vulnerable, the Alzheimer's Patient, the lost children or those that are just unfamiliar with the area and have chosen to enjoy our parks and reserves. Search and Rescue operations work in conjunction with other agencies. Usually the lead agency we work with is the police.Recently with the Seddon Earthquake, we also worked with Civil Defense as the lead agency.

Marlborough Search and Rescue is dedicated to building better relations with all organisations to help contribute to making Marlborough a more resilient community in the face of emergency or disaster. We are always looking for new members and ways to thank the families and employers that enable us to provide a prompt and effective turnout when the alert for an operation is made.